Saturday, November 29, 2008

817 to 214 in 2:35 minutes

So i went to arlington to pick this camera i used to film this video.
Its Called Go Pro Camera and its not bad for $150 (hook up price). It comes with a waterproof case and all the mounting accessories. I was bored today lol.

817 to 214 in 2:35 minutes from aone on Vimeo.


[TV] said...

Stupid fresh video man, i like that!!! But dammm, i almost forgot how long it takes to go ANYWHERE in Dallas. "hey where you wana eat? cool, lets meet up then. (hour later) hey, glad you made it." haha

tautfest said...

guess it means i'm bored today too...sense i watched this! haha. it's cool tho, and super fresh track!