Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ethnic Cleansing at Slip Inn says..

Body: so i was blogging around and good friend link me to this blog site and i couldnt believe what i read.

here it is

"Ethnic Cleansing at Slip Inn says.. 1:44 PM

Just a head's up... the new owners at the Slip Inn in Dallas held a meeting last week and told their staff that they want to "thin out" the contingency of African-American people who patronize their club. THIS IS NO JOKE.

First they told the DJs to stop playing hip-hop (I swear to god they were playing Foreigner's "Urgent" when I dropped in the other night), and now they've told the door staff to make up excuses about a "dress code" whenever an African-American male comes to the front door.

Hip-hop music and African-American people made the Slip Inn a popular place to hang out. The new owners seem to think this dive bar would be better as a "members only" club with a red velvet rope and bottle service. I suggest that not only we boycott the Slip Inn, but encourage others to boycott their other club Vickery Park as well.

Again, this is no joke. Racism is alive and well at the Slip Inn.

This was taken from weshotjr. com

PLEASE REPOST cuz this is BS........

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